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Gunnar Malstrom


Gunnar Malstrom is a former Stand-Up Comedian and radio personality.  He is most known for his two stints as "Gunnar the intern" on the Kevin Matthews show, as well as host of the Gunnar Malstrom show.  His comedy career was kickstarted by the legendary Improv Olympics, the same training facility that launched the careers of Mike Myers, Chris Farley, Vince Vaughn, Tina Fey and many, many more.  After being a member of the Dallas Chugouts improv team at IO, Gunnar started performing Stand-Up Comedy throughout the country.  

After the birth of his son his put his comedy career on hold, and fell in love with the art of Podcasting.  He has hosted several Podcasts including the Gunnar and the Pistols Podcast, Fire Cast With Us (a Twin Peaks Podcast), and more.  He has also produced several podcasts and been a guest on several more.  In 2021 Gunnar announced will be rebooting SNAP: An MCU Podcast with Kris King (Harder Brunch), as well as debuting We Have to Go Back: a Lost Rewatch Podcast.

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